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The world has changed then have the ways during which we communicate and connect with one another . As we adapt to a replacement normal and stay safe reception practicing social distancing, allow us to take this chance to shine our English skills.

When your maternal language isn’t English, there are many issues you would like to clear up for flawless English skills. Here are Top 9 Spoken English Books to shine your English whether you’re a student or an adult.

These are The Best Spoken English Books In 2021

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“Spoken English Guru” Daily Use English Sentences

Spoken English Guru Daily Use English Sentences

This eBook comprises 100+ lessons And 5000+ Sentences In Hindi/English/SMS Language. This eBook is written by Mr. Aditya Rana, its associate products i.e. “Spoken English Guru” YouTube Channel and “Spoken English Guru” Android App.

He is also the founder of India’s one of the largest English Learning Portals. He is a former Voice of Accent Trainer, having an experience of 7 years working with British & American International BPOs and 13 years’ for training people on English Grammar & Spoken English.

He’s the author of Best Seller 2018 i.e. “Spoken English Guru English Speaking Book” & “Spoken English Guru Daily Use Sentences Book”. He is a social activist too, having taught voluntarily in his career for several years.

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Rapidex English Speaking Course (Hindi)

Rapidex English Speaking Course (Hindi)

About The Book

R. K. Gupta’s Rapidex English Speaking Course may be a manual book intended for non-native English speakers and may be a guide that helps them comprehend and converse in English.

It’s geared towards individuals who aspire to talk English during a fluent manner and addresses a good range of readers – from people that don’t understand English to anyone who has learnt English and is conversant in the grammar and rules, yet lacking the self-confidence to utilize the language in speech. This particular publication addresses people that converse in Hindi on a day to day .

This is best Spoken English Books It educates readers the way to implement Hindi and English speech within the same niche and therefore the alterations that need to be made while building a sentence in English.

This Spoken English books showcases a structured study course that discusses everything from fundamental grammar and semantics of English, to sentence building, simple methods to enhance self-confidence while communicating and acquiring fluency.

It also emphasizes an honest deal on building the reader’s confidence level and eradicating any doubts while conversing in English. Well crafted content and material assist in achieving maximum understanding of the language within a brief span of your time .

Rapidex English Speaking book Course comes with a CD that not only includes all the teachings present within the book but also various other teaching aids that facilitate readers in comprehending the language considerably faster while fully grasping proper pronunciation and it’s usage.

The whole series offers Spoken English books on English for people who are conformed to other languages spoken in various parts of the country, including Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Assamese and Bengali. Rapidex English Speaking Course was published on 15 December 2004 by Pustak Mahal and is out there in paperback.

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English Speaking Course for Beginners

English Speaking Course for Beginners & Intermediate

Free Video Course Included

“Your English is terrible!”
“That’s what a customer said to me ahead of my boss. I felt so embarrassed and ashamed. I almost quit my job.
For years I even have been struggling to talk English fluently. I watch YouTube videos and English movies all the time, I study grammar and vocabulary, but I still can’t express myself. I can’t build-up sentences correctly.
I’m so frustrated. are you able to help me?”

This is what a student told me in our first-class together. He was very frustrated about his English fluency. I felt bad for him, and that i made it my mission to develop an English educational program to assist people learn English faster and to talk it better.

Learning English and Speaking English aren’t an equivalent . They occur in several parts of the brain. My student was developing his memory but not his speaking ability.

I started teaching this technique to my students and their speaking skills dramatically improved. Their sentences sounded more natural, their pronunciation was clearer, and their confidence was much higher.

If you would like to talk English fluently, then STOP learning it, and begin speaking it.

In this book, you’ll learn:

How to Speak Fluently and Accurately

How to start your sentences perfectly whenever

How to structure your sentences sort of a native

How to mention movies, TV series, family, sports, then far more

Hundreds of Questions and Phrases commonly employed by native speakers

1000s of Vocabulary words


Videos for each chapter

Sleep Videos to assist consolidate your learning

Facebook group to ask questions

So buy English Speaking Course for Beginners & Intermediate: find out how to talk English Quickly and simply with Videos: Conversation, Pronunciation, Phrases, Vocabulary, Grammar (Learn English while Sleeping) now!

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Speak English in 4 Months

Speak English in 4 Months

You have studied English for an extended time, but you continue to don’t speak well. You’ve tried different teachers, books and videos but you continue to make many mistakes, you continue to feel nervous when chatting with foreigners and still can’t pronounce English words correctly.

As an English teacher for several years, many my students everywhere the planet , now speak English fluently. My success may be a results of the tools during this guide. Speak English in 4 months may be a summary of my methods that encourage learners of English language to become well spoken during a short peroid of your time . Follow the step-by-step instructions during this book and acheive English speaking fluency.

This book contains activities, schedules, and methods for learners who want to become advanced in spoken English book.

Here’s what you are going to find out during this book:
15 Grammar Hacks which will Improve Your Spoken English.
A Method to find out 65% of Spoken English in only 3 Weeks.
Ways to Develop Native American Pronunciation Using our Free Pronunciation Trainer.
The Process of Learning English as a Non-Native Speaker.
Techniques to form your Accent Sound sort of a speaker .

Included with the acquisition of this book is our free pronunciation trainer application.

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**Buy the paperback version of this Spoken English book, and obtain the kindle version absolutely FREE**

Purchase the audio version of this book using the link below and first time audible listeners get a 30 day free-trial and a couple of free audible books.

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Spoken English made Simple: Stand up!  Speak up! Smarten up!

Spoken English made Simple Stand up Speak up Smarten up

If you are new to an English language or have learned for years but has no courage to speak this Book is for You!
Designed in a way to get you going in a simple manner. The grammar, the synthax presented in a way that will allow you to speak fluently, without hesitation.

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The English Fluency Formula

The English Fluency Formula

Welcome to English Fluency Formula, your personal guide for learning language. Although this book is specifically about English, the knowledge and methods inside will assist you to find out any language.

If you’re an intermediate level English learner, this book may be a great option to assist you speed up your learning. If you’ve got been feeling stuck, this book will assist you think in fresh ways. If you’re wondering why people seem to understand the key to learning new languages fast, then this Spoken English book will assist you understand.

After reading this book, you’ll skills to approach English learning. Your fluency should become faster and therefore the journey to fluency more enjoyable. You’ll see what to specialise in for the results you would like — conversational fluency, more like native speakers.

This is not your typical traditional textbook. You’ll discover a replacement way of learning based from what works within the world . There are exercise suggestions for you to require control of your learning and convey it into your lifestyle .

Read this book now if you’re able to get fluent!

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Spoken English Books in Dialogues

Spoken English in Dialogues 833 common English sentences used by native speakers in everyday life situations

Do you know some English but still have trouble expressing yourself in social situations? If yes, then this is the right book for you to improve your daily English conversation skills. The Spoken English Book presents a lot of valuable phrases and sentences you will never think of unless you come across them. It contains plenty of common sentences used by native English speakers in everyday life.

The book covers topics such as meeting new people and making small talk, dating and visiting friends, emergency situations and doctor’s appointments, car and flat rental, staying in hotels and traveling by air, shopping and bargaining.

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Practice Makes Perfect: English Conversation

Practice Makes Perfect English Conversation

The perfect guide to conversational English—now updated with new exercises, practice dialogues, and FREE mobile access to audio recordings

With more than 1 million copies in print, the Practice Makes Perfect series is the world’s go-to resource for learning and mastering languages. If you are an intermediate speaker of English, but want to brush up on your conversation skills, this updated 2rd edition will help you practice your English using the most effective tools available—including new audio exercises you can access FREE via app or online.

This premium edition provides a wide range of common phrases, sample sentences, and interactive dialogues that will help you identify the important “markers” in everyday conversations and situations. You can practice your skills using audio exercises you can access on the app or online. In no time at all, you’ll be speaking English fluently, engaging in conversations easily, and expressing yourself with confidence.

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Using English Expressions for Real Life

Using English Expressions for Real Life Stepping Stones to Fluency for Advanced ESL Learners

English is full of expressions that convey slang meanings, sarcastic meanings, informal meanings, and many other meanings that are not immediately apparent by defining the single words in an expression.

This book was written for the advanced ESL learner who wants to explore the next level of English proficiency: understanding how English native speakers communicate daily needs, feelings and desires using expressions.

ATTENTION ALL ENGLISH LEARNERS: New AUDIO Feature Included FREE: For students wanting to hear the pronunciation in this book, we have just started to offer FREE audio for each of the sections in this book.

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