Buy Best Spoken English Books in India 2021

Spoken English books for Beginners In India 2021

Best Spoken English Books for Beginners | Review & Buying Guide

Imagine a scenario. You are talking with your friend. Your friend asks hows your life going. Suddenly your mind just goes blank. You can’t seem to find any suitable words that make sense. You try to say something but nothing comes out of your mouth. How embarrassing the whole situation is. This kind of incident has at least once happened in our life. With a good spoken English book, you can overcome this struggle.

Why You Should Read a Spoken English Book?

Don’t get disheartened when something like this happens. Speaking English is way harder than reading or writing. In speaking, your true linguistic skill has to stand out. You have to come up with the right word at the right moment, On top of that, you need to be confident and bold. When you stutter or say something in a low pitch, no one will understand you. And the most important thing is you need to speak sentences that make sense.

How to overcome all this? Well, the best way is to find the right spoken English book. Read about strategies and techniques to improve. In these spoken English books, writers share their own experiences. They write about their own secret tips that you won’t find elsewhere. You can learn a lot from it. Speaking English isn’t too difficult as many think. All you need is a guideline and a spoken English book is the best one you can find.

Best Spoken English Books in India 2021

There are a lot of spoken English books out there. But some of them will only do more harm than good. Sometimes the books don’t make any sense and the English are far too complex. You need something simple and to the point. So without further ado, let’s check out the best spoken English books in India 2021.

1.Super Speed English Speaking Course by  Rashmeet Kaur

Buy Best Spoken English Books in India 2021

This is the perfect spoken English book to start your journey. As a beginner or intermediate speaker, you need a book that is easy to understand. This spoken English book is simple and the author explains everything very well. The author aligned each chapter perfectly so that readers don’t get confused. The book emphasizes topics such as sentence building and grammar.

The spoken English book comes with a Hindi to English dictionary. This dictionary is a lifesaver. The best way to enrich your vocabulary is to find some Hindi words. Then check what they translate into in English. Write or memorize them. Keep using the words every day in conversations. Soon the words will get stuck in your brain. In addition, the book also gives tips to improve personality and confidence.

It has a CD as well which you can watch in your free time. This spoken English book is great for those who want to understand more about the language. It will let you explore different aspects without overwhelming you.

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2.How I Learnt to Speak in English by Neetu Sugandh

Buy Best Spoken English Books in India 2021

Failure is the pillar of success. We all know this proverb. Don’t we? This is just the case that resulted in the creation of this fabulous spoken English book. The author went to her very first job with a lot of hope and ambition. But sadly, the employers rejected her. Can you guess what was the reason? The reason was her lack of communication skills in English.  A few months later she got appointed to the same facility as a communication trainer. Sounds unbelievable. Doesn’t it?

The author showed the world how it was possible to overcome the shortcoming. In this spoken English book she shows how she overcame her communication problems. She points out her flaws and how she improved her communication skills. Readers will be able to connect themselves with the author.

This spoken English book will motivate you. It has tips and strategies that you can incorporate into your real-life conversations. The author’s experiences, her learnings will give you a new ray of hope. The author wrote the book in very simple English. The tone is smooth and engaging.

The book emphasizes aspects like minimal definitions and how to make the correct use of words. The spoken English book also has a fun video game table or wish list. This makes the book much more interesting to the readers. All in all, this spoken English book is an amazing guide to learn more about spoken English.

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3.Spoken English & grammar book by Vikram khanna 

Buy Best Spoken English Books in India 2021

Not everyone was born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Buying tons of spoken English books can cost an arm and a leg. What if there was one book with a reasonable price that covered everything? This spoken English book is just that.

This spoken English book pretty much covers every aspect of spoken English. The book emphasizes simple to complex topics like vocabulary building and standard patterns. It has a plethora of strategies that you can use in your everyday life. It has a reference tool as well.

The vocabulary trainer will teach you everything without a personal trainer. You just need to follow the book. After reading this spoken English book, you will develop a new sense of confidence. Your fluency will gradually improve. We recommend this book for anyone eager to take their English speaking to the next level.

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4.”Think English, Speak English” by  Julian Northbrook

Buy Best Spoken English Books in India 2021

Try to remember the last time you tried to speak English. What happened? You’ve most likely tried to translate Hindi sentences in your mind. Your brain just keeps searching for the appropriate words but can’t find any. Soon your brain freezes and you find yourself in an awkward situation. This happens because we have become accustomed to our local language. Our brain doesn’t automatically pick up the English language like Hindi.

This spoken English book will help you get rid of this approach. The primary objective of this book is to make you stop translating in your head. Rather, it will show you a way by which you will automatically understand everything. The book teaches you basic English and root vocabulary. It strengthens your core and then expands in the further sections. With enough practice, you won’t have to translate anymore. You will think and just speak with utmost confidence.

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5.The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking by Dale Carnegie

Buy Best Spoken English Books in India 2021

No one speaks fluent English by birth. Everyone has their share of struggles and failures. Even the best of speakers failed back in their days. So, how did they improve themselves? This book tells different ways of how great leaders adapted their techniques for effective speaking.

In this spoken English book you will learn how to acquire basic skills. Then build your confidence and speak as much fluently as possible. The author shows you real-life incidents that will help you realize your mistakes. The writing style is down-to-earth and quite impressive. You won’t get bored for a moment. You will see the author, not as some self-help guru. Rather you will think of the author as a friend, a mentor who is trying to help you.

The author just doesn’t write lines after lines of useless advice. Rather the author talks about how realistically you can improve. The book will take you on a journey where you will learn about how to elevate your personality. Because that’s what matters the most. Dale Carnegie doesn’t just teach you how to deal with groups but also deal with one on one conversations.

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6.Learn How To Speak English Fluently by  Yogesh Vermani

Buy Best Spoken English Books in India 2021

This has happened to all of us. You are talking to your friend and having an amazing conversation. Suddenly you want to explain something but can’t seem to find the right words. All the other words keep revolving in your mind but the accurate one. This happens due to the lack of vocabulary knowledge. Most of us have a limited range of vocabulary.

This spoken English book emphasizes enriching your vocabulary. Because when you have a wide range of vocabulary, you can singlehandedly carry all the conversations. You are never going to run out of words. In this spoken English book, the author guides you step by step to enrich your vocabulary.

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Final Thoughts

Communication is a great skill. It doesn’t matter how much knowledge you have if you can’t get someone to understand you. That’s why many people fail to get their dream jobs. The employers ask them questions and they hesitate. They are unable to express their thoughts. These spoken English books will help them expand their vocabulary. The books will boost their confidence and teach them techniques to be fluent. So, they will ace all the interviews and get to the top.