5 Best Selling Double Door Refrigerator In India 2021

5 Best Selling Double Door Refrigerator In India 2021

5 Best Selling Double Door Refrigerator In India 2021 – Buyer’s Guide & Review!

Refrigerators are one of the most famous households electronic devices of today. These are so necessary that calling them a utility would be more suitable than calling them a device. We are using them for centuries, and a lot of development has shaped refrigerators for the better.

While the usage of single-door refrigerators was wider in the past century and even in the first decade of the present century, people shifting towards using double-door refrigerators. Why is that?

As you see, every time you open the door of a refrigerator, a certain amount of air escapes from the interior. In the case of single-door refrigerators, too much air escapes every time you open them. On the other hand, this is about half when it comes to double-door refrigerators. This makes the double door refrigerators much more energy-efficient, as it doesn’t have to cook a lot of air every time you open it.

However, there are hundreds of options out there, and not all products provide what they promise, which makes finding the right one for you quite challenging. To save you from this peril, we have put together a list of the very best selling double door refrigerator in india 2021.There’s also a buying guide at the end of this that will help you choose better.

5 Best Selling Double Door Refrigerator In India 2021 - Buyer’s Guide & Review!
5 Best Selling Double Door Refrigerator In India 2021 – Buyer’s Guide & Review!

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These Are The Best Selling Double Door Refrigerator In India 2021

Which Double Door Refrigerator is best in india ?

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1.Samsung 253L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Best Selling Double Door Refrigerator In India 2021

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The Samsung RT28T3483S8 is an amazing double-door refrigerator, and this is the best refrigerator that you’ll be able to get yourself. Some amazing features make it extremely convenient and user-friendly, and the price tag makes it worth buying.

This fridge offers a capacity of 253 liters, which should be sufficient for most small and medium-sized families. It also comes with an amazing energy rating of 3-star. This means that this refrigerator is quite efficient in terms of energy consumption.

It also comes with a digital inverter converter. It means that the converter is capable of offering variable and dynamic power. Plus, you’ll be able to control the temperature of the interior with a simple dial, allowing you full control over the fridge.

The shelves are made of toughened glass, and they’re spill-proof as well. These are quite durable and won’t break from usage. The compressor of this fridge is quite effective, and it can operate in high temperatures like 50-degree as well.

As for protection, this refrigerator comes with a built-in stabilizer that will keep its circuits from harm. It also offers a digital display for better control, and a deodorizer for keeping the interiors smelling fresh.

Overall, it’s the best double-door 5-star refrigerator in India that you can get now.


  • 253 liters of capacity
  • Spill-proof racks
  • Digital inverter converter
  • High energy efficiency


  • Bad customer support
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2.Whirlpool 265 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Best Selling Double Door Refrigerator In India 2021

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Next up, we have the Whirlpool 265 liter double door refrigerator. This is one of the fridges that offer the best energy efficiency. It has received a 4-star rating in BEE rating. It offers a convertible freezer that can be operated in 5 modes. You’ll get the chef mode, Dessert mode, All-season mode, deep freeze mode, and party mode.

All of these modes make things much easier for the user, as you won’t have to dial the temperature manually. Then again, it’s easy to understand which mode you’ll need for a certain purpose, making it even more user-friendly.

This is one of the few refrigerators that come with microprocessors. It offers three intelligent sensors that can determine the environment inside and outside the fridge and artificial intelligence that can control them properly for getting the best result. The fridge will control the temperature on itself if you put it in automatic mode. It will set itself to a suitable temperature according to the weather, which is great.

The inverter compressor is great as well. This compressor allows the fridge to control the load to a great extent. It also offers a frost-free technology that prevents frost build-up inside it.

Overall, this is one of the smartest refrigerators that you can get yourself now. We highly recommend it if you’re on a mid-budget.


  • 265 liters capacity
  • Frost-free design
  • Affordable
  • Smart features
  • AI-enabled


  • Hard to know if the sensors are damaged or not
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3.Samsung 324 L 2 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Best Selling Double Door Refrigerator In India 2021

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Samsung is one of the best refrigerator manufacturers out there, which is why it comes as no surprise that there’s a second Samsung product on this shortlist. The Samsung RT34M5538S8 is a 324-liter refrigerator that’s great for medium families. The added space in this fridge will allow you to store a lot of food items, drinks, and raw food. The freezer offers ample space as well.

The body of this fridge offers a stainless steel finish, something most people love. Due to its finish, you won’t find much scratch or spot on the surface of the fridge, and this will allow it to retain its looks for a long time.

The only place where it falls short is energy efficiency. Despite being an amazing fridge, this one comes with an energy rating of 2-star only, which is a bit disappointing. However, if you don’t find the other products listed here, you’ll be okay enough with this one.

The shelves on this fridge are made of toughened glass, and this allows them to last a long time and hold a lot of weight. These shelves won’t break from excess weight. The design of this fridge also prevents ice build-up, which will eliminate the perils of manual deforestation.

The inverter compressor that this refrigerator comes with is smart and efficient. It will allow you to save your energy, keep your refrigerator at an optimum temperature, and you won’t have to suffer from a lot of noise either.

Overall, this is an amazing choice for everyone looking for an upper-mid-tier fridge.


  • Great capacity of 324L
  • 10-year warranty on compressor
  • Smart compressor
  • Shelf made of toughened glass


  • Low energy efficiency
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4.Haier 320 L 2 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Best Selling Double Door Refrigerator In India 2021

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If you’re looking for a double-door refrigerator that offers 320L of storage and a unique design, then you can take a look at this one from Haier. The 320L capacity makes it a decent choice for a family with 5-6 members. It offers a great warranty as well. You’ll get a year of warranty on the fridge, and 10 years of warranty on the compressor, which is great.

The inverter compressor built into this fridge is quite effective. It will allow you to run it without much noise, and with good efficiency. However, it’s a bit disappointing to see the energy rating of 2-star on this fridge, which is pretty low. Despite the low rating, the real-life performance of the fridge is quite decent.

This refrigerator also comes with PUF insulation. This insulation will help retain a low temperature for a long time even when the fridge isn’t working. If you live in an area that suffers from frequent load shedding, then you’ll highly benefit from this unit.

Overall, this is an amazing unit and we highly recommend it, despite its low energy rating.


  • Great performance
  • Inverter compressor
  • Good warranty policy
  • PUF insulation


  • Low energy rating
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5.Panasonic 584 L Inverter Frost-Free Side by Side Refrigerator

Best Selling Double Door Refrigerator In India 2021

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Finally, we have the Panasonic NR-BS60VKX1. Even though we’ve placed this at the very least, we must say that this is the most feature-rich refrigerator that you will come across. The only downside of this refrigerator is that it’s expensive. Other than that, this is the best product that you’ll find out there.

Unlike most other fridges, this one offers a side-by-side door design. This design offers better frost build-up prevention and superior energy efficiency. The 584L capacity of this fridge makes it perfect for medium to large families.

There’s an intelligent compressor in this fridge that allows it to set the temperature properly. This compressor is not only efficient, but it’s less noisy and more durable as well.

The glass shelves that come with this fridge are made of toughened glasses, which is why they are very durable. It also features a quick cooling mode, which is very convenient. Plus, you’ll also get a vacation mode that will save energy for a long period while you’re away, and a quick freeze mode that will allow you to freeze the food items very fast.

Overall, you won’t find another refrigerator that offers as many features like this one, which is why we highly recommend it.


  • Durable and silent compressor
  • Energy efficient
  • Unique design
  • Smart features
  • Great capacity


  • Expensive
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Buying Guide:

There are certain factors that you must consider for getting the best double door 5-star refrigerator in India. In this section, you’ll find a detailed discussion that’ll help you spot these features.

· Size:

The size of the refrigerator is the first thing that you need to consider while choosing one for yourself. If you have a nuclear family of four people, then you won’t need a refrigerator that exceeds a size of 250 liters. On the other hand, if the family is of five, then you may consider getting up to 500 liters according to your necessity.

So, at the end of the day, it depends on your necessity. Even if you’re a single person living alone in a home, you may want 250 liters of capacity if you store that much food.

· Design:

The design is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing the best double door 5-star refrigerator in India. However, often people overlook this factor. In a double-door freezer, there will usually be two compartments. While one of them will feature a freezer, the other will offer a refrigerator. Considering the sizes of each compartment is necessary.

· Stabilizer:

Stabilizers are extremely important, as they will keep the electronic circuits inside the refrigerator safe from short-circuiting. Often there are voltage fluctuations, and if there aren’t any stabilizers, this phenomenon can end up damaging your fridge.

While people had to purchase stabilizers separately before, now they come built into the refrigerators. This allows them to stay safe irrespective of the voltage condition.

· Frost-Free Refrigerator:

Double door refrigerators usually come with multiple fans inside them. These fans allow the cold air to spread evenly throughout the interior, preventing frost build-up. We recommend getting one of these as you won’t have to defrost them manually.

· Inverter Compressor:

Inverter compressors are one of the best inventions. The standard compressors used to work in two states only, on and off. This meant that the compressor was either working at peak load or not. So, it was impossible to get a certain temperature inside the fridge.

However, inverter compressors have changed that. These variable compressors can be set to work at any load. Moreover, most of the modern double door refrigerators come pre-programmed so that they can automatically retain a certain temperature set by the user. These are very easy and convenient to use.

· Fan System:

There are many fan systems used by different brands, and you need to consider this carefully before purchasing one. Different fan systems offer different features, and you need to find what’s suitable for you.

· Light:

Refrigerators come with different lighting systems. While the standard ones used to come with a single bulb only, now they offer LED lighting, which allows them to control the light more intuitively. Unlike the regular bulb lights, there’s lesser heat radiation with LED lights. Then again, these consume less energy too.

Plus, LED lights also offer control over the brightness of the lights. This is why we highly recommend refrigerators that come with LED lighting.

Final Words:

Getting the best selling double door refrigerator in India can be tough, but it’ll become quite easier if you follow this guide. No matter which product you choose from the given list, you’ll get great service!