Best 1tb Hard Disk For Laptop In India

Best 1tb Hard Disk For Laptop To Buy In India 2021 Reviews

Best 1tb Hard Disk For Laptop – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!

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Hard disks are getting a necessity. Ever since the 4G boom in India, people are downloading plenty of movies, games and other materials. However, thanks to their computer’s space restrictions, one may have to take a position on a hard disc. The hard disc comes in many shapes and sizes and today we’ll be discussing the highest cost-effective hard disks. The list has been made keeping various factors in mind, like usability, space and warranty.

Best 1tb Hard Disk For Laptop In India

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Seagate Barracuda 1 TB Internal Hard Drive HDD  for PC Laptop 

Best 1tb Hard Disk For Laptop In India


Drive Specifications Unless otherwise noted, all specifications are measured under ambient conditions, at 25°C, and nominal power. Rescue Data Recovery Plans provide peace of mind for creative pros and performance PC users alike. For convenience, the phrases the drive and this drive are used throughout this manual to point the subsequent drive models: The specification summaries listed within the following tables are for quick reference. For details on specification measurement or definition, ask the acceptable section of this manual.

Table 1 Drive Specifications Summary Drive Specification ST2000LM015 ST1000LM048 ST500LM030 capacity (1) 2TB 1TB 500GB Guaranteed sectors 3,907,029,168 1,953,525,168 976,773,168 Heads 4 2, 2 1 Bytes per sector 512 (logical) / 4096 (physical) Recording density 2276 Kb/in Track density 580 Ktracks/in AVG Areal density 1320 Gb/in2 AVG Spindle speed 5400 RPM Maximum sustained rate , OD read 140 MB/s Interface SATA 6Gb/s

ATA data-transfer modes supported PIO modes 0-4 Multiword DMA modes 0-2 Ultra DMA modes 0-6 Cache buffer 128 MB Height (mm/in) 7.0 (± 0.2) / 0.276 (± 008) Width (mm/in) 69.85 (± 0.25) / 2.750 (± 0.010) Length (mm/in) 100.35 (+0.20/-0.25) / 3.951 (+0.008/-0.010) Weight (G/LB) max 90 / 0.198 85 / 0.187 Average latency 5.6 ms Startup current, Max (+5V) 1.0 A Voltage tolerance (including noise) 5V ± 5%

Non-Operating (Ambient °C) -40° to 70° Operating ambient temperature (min °C) 0° Operating temperature (drive case max °C) 60° † gradient 20°C per hour max (operating) 35°C per hour max (non-operating) ratio 5% to 95% (operating) 5% to 95% (non-operating) ratio gradient (max) 30% per hour Wet bulb temperature 37.7°C max (operating) 40.0°C max (NON-operating).

Versatility at the Ready
Versatile and dependable, Seagate’s fierce BarraCuda drives are inspired by the past but ready for the longer term . BarraCuda 2.5-inch drives, in 7 mm and 15 mm z-heights, are efficient thanks to handle all of your PC needs.

Multi-Tier Caching Technology
All hard drives within the BarraCuda family come equipped with Multi-Tier Caching Technology (MTC). MTC takes your PC to new performance levels. By applying intelligent layers of NAND Flash, DRAM and media cache technologies, BarraCuda delivers improved read and write performance by optimising data flow, allowing you to load apps and files faster than ever before.

Major Capacity
Best 1tb Hard Disk For Laptop Store it all. With capacities up to five TB, BarraCuda leads the market with the widest range of storage options available. With a 2.5-inch form factor, users can upgrade their laptop, mobile, auxiliary storage, or all-in-one PC systems with ease.

Positive aspects of these are:

  • This has a 5400rpm spindle speed with data rates up to 140mbps but the slower spindle speed helps reduce power consumption.
  • The drive has a 600,000 cycle load/unload rating which is great.
  •  It uses Seagate’s latest 1TB platter technology.
  • The installation is very easy and performance is good as per the expectation . Speed to access the files is very fast. Laptop performance got increased as well.

Downside to this:

  • If you do not have the necessary cables and screws in hand, you can not install the disk immediately
  • Price is high
  • No manual included
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Seagate Expansion Portable 1TB External Hard Drive 

Best 1tb Hard Disk For Laptop To Buy In India 2020 Reviews

The Seagate Expansion desktop drive provides extra storage for your ever-growing collection of files. Instantly add space for more files, consolidate all of your files to one location or release space on your computer’s drive to assist improve performance. Setup is simple – simply connect the included power supply and USB cable and you’re able to go. It’s automatically recognized by the Windows OS , so there’s no software to put in and zip to configure. Saving files is straightforward to just drag-and-drop. Cash in on the fast data transfer speeds with the USB 3.0 interface by connecting to a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port. USB 3.0 is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 for extra system compatibility.

Terabytes More Storage
Neatly organize and store all of your files, without having to stress about running out of space.

Plug and Play
With no software to put in, you will find installation has never been easier. Just plug it in and go.

Fast File Transfers
Works with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 to deliver fast transfer speeds.

Storage to travel
Sometimes adding extra storage isn’t enough; you’ve got to take your files with you. The Expansion Portable drive is ideal to require on the go.

Ready to Use
With no software to put in, the Expansion Portable drive is prepared to use immediately. Simply attach the USB cable to your computer and you’re able to start sending files.

USB 3.0 and 2.0 Compatible
Work with USB 3.0 to supply ultra-fast transfer speeds also as USB 2.0, so you do not need to worry about hardware compatibility issues.

Positive aspects of these are:

  • The product is really up to mark. The transfer speed is great to write and read.
  • It is handy and easy to carry around.
  • Compatibility is good for Mac and Windows.

Downside to this:

  •  A little noisy
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Western Digital WD 1TB My Passport Portable External Hard Drive

Best 1tb Hard Disk For Laptop To Buy In India 2020 Reviews

Best 1tb Hard Disk For Laptop Every journey needs a passport. The My Passport drive is a trusted, portable storage that provides you the arrogance and freedom to drive forward in life. With a replacement, stylish design that matches within the palm of your hand, there’s space to store, organize, and share your photos, videos, music, and documents. Perfectly paired with Western Digital backup software and password protection, the My Passport drive helps keep your digital life’s contents safe.

Slim Style.
Make the foremost of your journey with style that suits you. The new My Passport has been redesigned to feature a convenient, slim form factor and is out there during a range of vibrant colors.

Backed up.
Make sure everything you create while on your own life journey – photos, videos, music, and documents – doesn’t stray . The My Passport drive comes equipped with WD Backup software which will be set to run automatically to your schedule. Just pick the time and frequency to copy important files from your system onto your My Passport drive.

Locked down.
Keep your digital life’s contents secure with My Passport password protection and built-in 256-bit AES hardware encryption. Just activate password protection and set your own personalized password using WD Discovery.

Super easy.
My Passport portable storage is prepared right out of the box including all necessary cables. And with SuperSpeed USB, you’ll quickly start backing up everything in your life and keep driving forward & Best 1tb Hard Disk For Laptop.

Social friendly.
Included WD Discovery software allows you to hook up with popular social media and cloud storage services like Facebook, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Seamlessly import, organize, and share your photos, videos, and docs to the My Passport drive to backup your online social life. WD Discovery also can manage your drive through WD Drive Utilities.

Ongoing confidence.
There’s no telling what’s ahead in your own journey. That’s why WD builds drives to demanding requirements for durability and long-term reliability.

Positive aspects of these are:

  • Automatic backup – easy to use
  • Up to 5TB capacity
  • 3-Year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Wonderful backup storage however you won’t get anywhere near the full 4tb

Downside to this:

  • Great affordable storage, but poor speed.
  • The only visible features are a USB port and a LED light.
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Lenovo F309 USB3.0 1TB External Hard Disk

Best 1tb Hard Disk For Laptop To Buy In India 2020 Reviews

LENOVO UHD F309 1TB USB 3.0 – 2.5 inch hard disk you ought to buy because

1. Reliable disc drive: Circuit for surge protection ensures efficient data transmission; anti-static design guarantees data security

2. Fast data transfer with USB 3.0 connectivity

3. Compact and slim design making it your Lenovo laptop’s best travel companion

Compact and slim design
Designed with mobility in mind, it’s your Lenovo laptop’s best travel companion.

Fastest data transfer experience
10 times faster data transfer with USB 3.0 connectivity

Reliable disk drive
Circuit for surge protection ensures efficient data transmission; anti-static design guarantees data security.

System requirement
USB 3.0 and USB 2.0;

Windows 7 and above

Positive aspects of these are:

  • Transfer of data is enough fast.
  • The USB cable they provide is thick and good.
  • Multi-colored LED device status indicator
  • It’s very compact and it easily fits to the pocket.
  • 3 years manufacturer warranty
  • Easy and secure storage expansion

Downside to this:

  • It’s very slippery in the hand so please go with the case.
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